Born and raised on the mean streets of Colonie, Billy the Kid has the soul of a child operating a 31 year old body. He has an ironic bachelor’s degree in Video Broadcasting and is an esteemed grad school dropout. His passion for talking about music and making fun of celebrities is unrivaled in the world of pop culture aficionados. When he’s not running his mouth and pushing colored buttons, he spends his time immersing himself unabashedly in nerd culture, and is a survivor of a 4 year stint with League of Legends. He’s since come clean of that game, but still enjoys Magic: The Gathering quite a bit. His main goal in life is to amass enough solid red t-shirts to have one for each day of the month and dress the same way all the time like a cartoon character.



Artist/Group: My Chemical Romance
Movie: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Actor/Actress: Jason Statham and/or The Rock. Fate of the Furious was a dream come true.
Book: Watchmen. It’s a graphic novel, but it’s so rich with potential topics of discussion that it’s practically literature. If we’re talking actual book books, The Outsiders.
Sport: Baseball. Since I’ve never been that great, I settle for slow-pitch softball these days.
TV Show: Breaking Bad is the greatest show of all time, but The Walking Dead is currently the best show on the air.
Holiday: Christmas. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong, especially people who say Halloween. Free toys > free candy.
Restaurant(s): Taco Bell. If we’re talking sit-down, Dinosaur BBQ.
Candy: Whatchamacallit, probably. This isn’t something I’ve put a lot of thought into though, so Almond Joy could also take it.
Food: Pizza. Love me some tacos and burgers, but pizza just has everything the human body needs, and it lasts for days.
Place to Shop: Target is my happy place
What is on your Playlist? Mid-to-late 2000s pop rock/pop punk type stuff (the stuff people so often mislabel as “emo,” like MCR, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco) is the best
Pets? No. Pets are too much responsibility. Particularly dogs. They’re like toddlers that never actually grow up to be self-sufficient, functioning members of society.
What is your favorite cereal? Frosted Mini Wheats
Do you have any hobbies: I’m a sucker for pop culture figures and their goings-on. I watch a lot of movies and TV in my free time. I used to be addicted to League of Legends, but I kicked it. I still play Magic: The Gathering from time to time, but I’m nowhere near as invested as I used to be. I love non-competitive video games (Saints Row, God of War, anything with an engaging single-player experience) and I’m a pretty big superhero geek. I also like to tweet a lot about pretty much anything that pops into my head, so I guess you could say I enjoy nonsense amateur philosophy.
iPhone or Droid? It’s funny because I hate Apple as a company, I think they’re a terrible, manipulative marketing machine that sells a status rather than a real product… but I actually have an iPhone at the moment because it was like $500 cheaper than a comparable Droid. I’m really all about practicality and fiscal responsibility over brand loyalty.
What is your favorite season? I used to say Fall, but Fall has been a dark time in my life for most of the last decade or so. Probably Summer. Baseball season, and you can gallivant around outside much more easily.
Would you bungee jump? Heck no. I have a terrible fear of heights.
Pet Peeves: Poor grammar, particularly of the variety where people confuse there/their/they’re or your/you’re, for instance. That and people who flake on me.


Go to and replace everything in ‘Text’ (look up and to your right) with the code they give you. Select the first free option (instagram), log in with your instagram and use these options:

username – click and login
description – blank
thumbnail size – 89
layout – 6×2
photo border – yes
background color – leave blank
photo padding – 5
hover effect – zoom in (or whatever you want)
sharing butons – no (yes if you want)
responsive – no

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